Benzina ORLEN completes renovation of service station sites

Benzina ORLEN has completed the renovation of service station sites assumed in its Slovak network last year. The brand-new forecourt interior, including Stop Cafe refreshments, can now be enjoyed by customers in Holice, Lužianky, Šelpice, Šurany, Strečno, Tesárske Mlyňany, and Senec. Slovak motorists can be looking forward to top-quality additivated fuels as well as to premium fair-trade coffee and popular hotdogs in 13 Benzina ORLEN sites. The outlets also offer a broad portfolio of supplementary products, including small gifts.

Benzina ORLEN entered the Slovak market in April last year when it opened the first service station in Malacky. Initially, it focused on takeovers from the existing operators, and the sites had undergone end-to-end interior renovation. “Last year, we invested mainly in the network expansion in Slovakia. This year, we focused not only on the opening of new outlets but also on the renovation of the existing ones. I am pleased the customers in Slovakia can now use services at seven modernised stations. I believe they will love our Belgian coffee and delicious hotdogs, just like the Czech clients. Refreshments are the fastest-growing segment for us. Its sales volumes in the Czech Republic have grown by 320% over the past eight years. Therefore, we want to install Stop Cafe wherever possible,” said Marek Zouvala, Director of the Benzina ORLEN network.

Benzina ORLEN stations are currently available to motorists in Slovakia in Malacky, Holice, Lužianky, Šelpice, Šurany, Strečno, Tesárske Mlyňany, Senec, Ružomberok, Bytča, Dunajská Streda, Trebatice and Kysucké Nové Mesto. Benzina ORLEN plans to continue the fast network expansion.
The Benzina brand was created in former Czechoslovakia as early as in 1958. It was privatised in 1989, and the company lost the right to use the brand in the Slovak market temporarily. Benzina ORLEN returned to Slovakia in 2019 as a leader on the Czech market where it runs the broadest network of 416 filling stations. It controls 25% of the Czech market by the volume of fuels sold. Benzina ORLEN is part of the international ORLEN Group that operates 2840 petrol stations in five countries (Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Slovakia). Just like its parent company, ORLEN, Benzina ORLEN also stands for modernity, trust, advantageousness, a wide selection, and high quality of products and services.

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